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I didn't really like it as much as your other movies. It wasn't too funny and it seemed like you weren't even trying to make fun of the game itself after awhile. Maybe that's just me.

I never really liked the game, but that might be because I was realllly late to the party. Took me forever to buy the game and I played it once, then traded it back the next week.

Too hilarious.

I laughed so hard. I needed something to put a smile on my face and this hit the spot, especially the theme of Christmas and Jesus turned vile and crude. That was hilarious. I have pictures!!

Lalo responds:

Thanks man! :D


This is seriously funny and cute. I don't get why anyone would dislike it. It's neatly drawn, short, made me laugh, etc. Plus I simply love the cute japanese/chinese whatever style cartoons when they are done right.

Glad you got the front page and the daily 4th!

What I don't get is why it's rated Mature. I didn't see anything too horrible when it comes to violence, and I just completely missed the nudity. heh...

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I don't have any issues with lag. The warning indicaters seem fine to me, as it's suppose to be harder the faster you go.

All I can say is fix the saw placement and the race/saw issue and it'll be perfect.

Maxwelldoggums responds:


sorry, Kind of makes me angry cuz people have been bugging me for a while about that and NG won't let me upload the update =(


Keep improving. Coming up with new features. Add more weapons. and most importantly make it so that the guy can talk or moan or something... It seemed dead even when it was alive.

Fix the physics, as well. Maybe make the body smaller or the room bigger. Make the walls thicker. Add some deadly music.

Love it though.

Been a big fan of these games...

Hope you read this:

Okay, first off: The game is too slow and not very interactive. I love how you can use points to make your disease stronger in all these interesting classes of 'upgrades'. The game is also extremely difficult. I once finally nabbed Madagascar but Peru shut up like a bunch of virgins. Also it seemed like later in the game it's hard to get Evolution points.

It also seems like there is no point for the greater resistance upgrades other than Drug Resistances. Once you get your Moisture, Heat, and Cold up to level 1 you can take over pretty much the whole country. By the way, which catagory does Madagascar fall in?!

I don't know what I would do, as I've been thinking and I can't seem to make up my own plan to make the game better. But I would:

Keep the points feature, but make it so that you get some resale value when you sell your old attributes.

Make the game more interactive instead of just sitting and waiting for a game of chance. Make the game have some sort of use for the slowest speed. Go more in depth of controlling your disease in a certain country. You know?

I also would make the game easier to beat, but take longer (but only if the game was fun, the way you have it I just want to win and get it over with as soon as I can.) If the game was more interactive it could last longer without seeming like a chore.

Also, the music was great, but I'd like some more options. I'd also like some in-game help instead of going to a different site. and the sites didn't help me too much.

Please keep trying to balance this game out into a awesome game. I look forward for the next one, hopefully.

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This rocks.

Got to love F-Zero X. I love it, thought a little too over the edge.

8 Bit Goodness!

I like it. It's very original. Makes me feel all NES-like.


Should definitely make more 8-bit songs. You're great at it.

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That's a lot of weapons. Great variety of designs, too. Definitely awesome. :)


Your epic battle game rocks. So does your art. I love it. Especially this girl. :3

Your art is weird.

Everything about your art is weird, but I love it, so. :)

BizarroJoe responds:

Hahaha, now I'm a weirdo!

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